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Mary said to the angel, "Be it unto me according to thy word." (Luke 1:38)

As this Christmas season comes to a close, the words of Mary still ring in my heart. As she spoke those words, she knew the repercussions that would accompany this choice. She would have to tell Joseph she was with child, I'm sure she pictured the hurt in his eyes. She would lose her reputation. She would probably have to live her entire life shrouded by the doubts of others, but none of this mattered to her at the moment. She simply obeyed.

A couple of years ago, God began to deal with me about abortion. I was unsure of what He wanted to show me. I thought maybe I would come in contact with someone who was dealing with their past, or meet someone who was considering it. I waited for an opportunity to reach out to another. During this time my husband and I were ministering in Florida. As we traveled along a busy road one afternoon, I was shocked when we passed several huge, mega-billboards about abortion. I said, "Okay, God, what are you trying to tell me?"

I know it sounds strange to talk about abortion and the birth of Jesus. We know the story of the Immaculate Conception, the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and planted a seed within her. Mary was a willing vessel, used by God to carry Divinity. She began to magnify the Lord and stayed faithful to Jesus and His ministry, all the way to the cross and afterward in the Upper Room.

So, how does this relate? God began to show me that many Christians have committed "spiritual abortion". He has planted seeds of ministry in His children, and they have not birthed these ministries, but silenced them. Most Christians would not consider having a physical abortion, yet they have spiritual abortions and go on with hardly a second thought. I once heard a pastor say that cemeteries are filled with buried callings- so many do not fulfill the ministry appointed to them.

When God asks us to do something, do we surrender and say, "be it unto me according to Your word", or do excuses begin to flow? We all have a calling on our lives. It is not just for a few chosen people. No one else can fulfill your calling.

Take heed to the ministry

which you have received in the Lord,

that you may fulfill it. Col 4:17

If we give God excuses, then the calling we were placed on this earth to do remains undone. Often, we are so caught up in worldly cares, the 'busyness' of life, that we do not have time to do the one thing that is most important. Jesus taught in the parable of the sower that worldly cares are thorns, the "deceitfulness of riches, and the desire for other things" (Mark 4:19) will choke the word and it will be unfruitful. I recall the billboards and the busy road in Florida, the people were zooming by ... did they even notice? When God tries to get our attention, do we take the time to listen?

As we reflect upon this past year, and look to the new one ahead of us, may we heed the voice of our Father. There is much to do to build up the Kingdom. Let's not get caught up in New Year's resolutions, but resolve to fulfill our calling.

Let us be obedient as Mary to the end.

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