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The Journey

I can vividly remember our yearly vacations as a child. Once, we took my uncle's stationwagon- yes, we were the 'Griswold's'. This was long before seatbelt laws, so my mom fixed my sister and I a bed and play area behind the back seat (not sure where we put the luggage). Dad always made sure we were on the road looonng before dawn, so I climbed in the back where I slept, played, and eagerly gazed out the window. For me, the car ride was the best part.

I'm sure Abraham's journey was not as enjoyable. For one, when God called him to leave his home in Gen 12, He didn't tell him where he was going. God said, 'Go', and Abe said, 'okay'. I read in utter amazement at his faith. It would be one thing if it were just Abram and his family, but it was quite the caravan. He was very rich in livestock, and had 318 trained servants. They all headed into the great unknown. I feel sure he was questioned numerous times on their destination, and had countless conversations on their whereabouts. Abram himself probably asked God a few times, 'are we there yet?'

Do you ever feel like you have no idea where you are heading on this journey of life?

Abram was 75 years old when he started out, and showed no resistance. He was probably anxious to see what God had in store. He faced difficult situations, but often leaned upon his own resources more than God. At times, he made decisions because he was fearful or impatient.

I think many times as Christians, we start out in faith, excited to go, and full of expectancy. But, when we aren't sure of the 'what' or the 'where'- we get frustrated and make foolish choices. There may be times when fear overtakes us, and we react like Abraham and Sarah did in their journey, and get ourselves in a mess.

Had they trusted God,

-they wouldn't have lied about Sarah being his sister to protect them

-they wouldn't have taken matters into their own hands and had a child through Sarah's handmaiden

-Sarah wouldn't have laughed when she heard she would bear Abram a child

I think my journey has been a lot more like Abe and Sarah than I want to admit. I have reacted in fear, told untruths, and even laughed at times in unbelief at His plan for me. I have failed to trust God fully, and took matters into my own hands. Oh sure, there were some great times with wise decisions, but not always.

Abraham's faith was confirmed when God asked him to offer his son (Gen 22). He passed this test of faith as he willingly placed Isaac on the altar.

He withheld nothing.

No more lies or weak faith.

He gave 100%.

How do we have this kind of faith?

God never asked for great faith.

I think at times we feel we will never have enough, but Jesus said if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. (Matt 17:20)

Maybe you are facing an 'Abraham Moment' in your life. Perhaps God has asked you to go somewhere or do something that is stepping into the unknown. It all boils down to simple trust. Just as Abraham made a conscious effort to obey, we must also make such an effort. Our journey becomes real when we seek God, and learn to recognize His voice. He will reveal Himself to us as we abide in His word. We can't truly know Him if we only open our Bible on Sunday.

Your Word is a lamp unto my feet,

and a light unto my path.

(Psalm 119:105)

Are you ready to Seek His face?

Are you willing to step out like Abraham and obey?

Are you ready to give God 100%?

Then, climb into the station wagon, buckle up, and enjoy the journey!


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