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About Angie

Angie Wilson, Mercer County Teacher of the Year 2024, has been a teacher for almost thirty years. She has twenty-eight award- winning titles!  Since her first book was released in 2014, she has truly been blessed. The Mystery in the Window stayed on the Hot New Releases for 4 weeks, holding the #1 spot for three days!

Angie was a featured author at the Book Expo America 2014. 

She received the 2016 Outstanding Contribution Award at the WV SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) for her new series, Gracie's Guides.  There are five books in this set that cover the following topics: bullying, bike safety, staying positive, saying no to tobacco, and prescription drug safety.  


She is very active in the Headline Kids School Show Program and visits classrooms throughout the year. 


Angie has written over one hundred songs for learning in the early childhood setting. She has produced two CDs that highlight some of the songs for reading and math. She enjoys presenting these songs to teachers and other professionals at educational conferences across the nation.  


Dori's Gift is the first book in her Appalachian Heritage Series.  Angie comes from a long line of Appalachian descent and often listened to stories from and about her grandparents and their family.  She realized that they faced many hardships, yet in light of this, each had a happy childhood with fond memories of strong family bonds. This series is a collection of stories that bring the region to life as the reader travels back in time to a different era, where everyone did his/her part in the family as life offered many simple joys.  It is her wish that her stories will open the door for further exploration of the Appalachian region as it is a vital part of the rich history of our nation.


"Gracie's Mysteries" is her new series.  Gracie is a ten-year-old super spy that enjoys searching out mysteries to solve.  Her real name is Graceanne Faith- given to her by her mother who has learned to live in God's grace through faith. There are two award-winning books in this series.  She used this same lovable character to create the Gracie's Guide series that helps children make positive decisions.

She can often be found traveling with her husband, Derek, a church consultant and minister.  They enjoy visiting churches and meeting new people as they work together.  She cherishes her children and grandchildren and loves spending time with them.  Her greatest desire is to allow God to use her in every aspect of her life.

List of Awards:

9 Indie Book Awards

7 Readers' Favorite Awards

6 Mom's Choice Awards

2 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Awards

Hollywood Book Festival Award

Paris Book Festival Award

San Francisco Book Festival Award

London Book Festival Award




Angie and her husband, Derek

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