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Author visits are a great way​
to promote literacy with children
School Visits

Students enjoy author visits at schools. Angie loves talking with children and introducing them to the world of writing. Each visit is designed for the appropriate age and grade level. The younger students will listen to a story, and engage in singing and learn about importance of being a good friend. A visit may include a powerpoint on the sometimes crazy road to publication. 

Older students will learn about some of the topics in Gracie's Guides. These students will walk away with vital life lessons, such as "Be Smart- Don't Start!" when it comes to smoking, alcohol, and drug use. Bullying is another topic Angie hits hard with students. She knows from personal experience the horrible effects of this type of behavior. Students learn what to do if they are being bullied and steps to help friends who are being bullied. She also deals directly with students who are bullies, and teaches a lesson of how hurtful words and actions can be to others. 

Pioneer Theme/ Appalachian Heritage 
 Each session is designed to focus on reading, writing, and character education.  Angie performs a reading of the book, Dori's Gift, and then shares a powerpoint that engages students in learning about the pioneer days.  She also shares information on creative writing and inspires students as she shares about the publishing process.  One of the most important aspects of the visit is the character building that the story initiates.  As Dori used her gifts for good things, Angie talks with students about their unique gifts that makes them special.  Each student is encouraged to use their gifts to do good things as they sing songs that inspire.  




​Songs for Early Learning Teacher Workshop


This session is designed to instruct teachers and early childhood providers in grades PreK-2.  The session teaches songs for reading, math, and character education.  The songs are classroom tested and kid-approved.  Angie utilizes her experience as a veteran classroom teacher to write songs that are set to familiar or easy to learn tunes.  The songs are fun, active and motivational for students as they are engaged in powerful memory making activities that reinforce skills.  The session is for new teachers as well as seasoned teachers.  



Church or Christian School Visits

Angie loves visiting Children's Church and Christian schools. She reads one of her books, and then takes the children directly into the Bible with a message. Children learn how bullying dates back thousands of years with the story of David and Goliath. Another message shares the importance of putting on the Armor of God as each day as we face challenges in life. The session ends with singing and prayer. 

Writing Workshop with Students

Teaching writing can sometimes be very challenging. Angie takes her 22+ years in the classroom as a Reading Specialist to provide an exciting session on character and story development. The students work together to create a character which is a springboard for additional writing experiences in the classroom. Students leave with tools to begin their own story.

This season is appropriate for students in grade 2-5.

Cost for Training
Angie is available for school visits and workshop/ convention speaking. She will make up to three presentations a day during a school visit. The cost is $125.00 per day, plus expenses if travel is over 50 miles from home.  Contact our office for more information.
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