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Meet Dori


Hi, my name is Dori.


I am seven years old.  I like helping out on our farm.  My siblings and I have a lot of chores that keep us busy.  We milk the cow, gather the eggs, help Mama wash clothes, and more.


I like to sing and play my dulcimer.  I often sing at church on Sunday morning.  My family also sings every Saturday night on our back porch when the weather is warm.


Mama is teaching me how to cook.  My favorite dessert is Sugar Cookies. 


Click on the blog link to see how you can make your own batch with the help of an adult. 




The Story Behind the Story



     I often get the question- what's Dori's Gift all about?  It's a story that tells of family closeness and strong bonds of love- a family that doesn't need money to be happy.

   A few years ago I watched a documentary on Appalachia.  It was one of the most depressing hours I had ever witnessed on TV. It told of the poverty in our region and several families were interviewed.  To say that no one smiled would be an understatement.  All I could say at the end of the program was, "Wow, this is what the world sees about Appalachia."  I do not deny the poverty in the region, I just want to paint a prettier picture of the families that live in the mountains. 
   I thought of my grandparents and how each of their families faced struggles and hardships, but yet when they recalled stories from their childhood, they would smile as they reminisced of days gone by.  No one would be able to tell by  listening to their stories that they were poor.  One of my great-grandfathers was a share-cropper all of his life, and I'm not talking about working on a big farm or plantation - he labored on a small farm, on the side of a mountain.  He raised his family in a little two room cabin on someone else's land.  But unless we asked specific questions regarding their possessions, we would've never known how poor they were as we listened to my grandma talk of her childhood. 

   With dozens of family stories in the back of my mind, I sat down to write, hoping to portray the love and closeness that I have felt all of these years. Dori's Gift does not tell of a grand adventure, but it gives the reader a glimpse of happy times in the mountains.  Although Mama and Papa never spoke a word in the story, their love shone through.  

   The story is filled with simple joys that make up a day.  Many times we go through life and overlook the little things and fail to appreciate the time we share with our family and friends.  My wish is that the reader will be motivated to take time to enjoy each moment that makes up each day.

   I hope that many will be inspired by these characters in the story:

to make birthdays special
to always take time to share a cup of tea
to sing while you work

to work hard to provide for your family 
to make gifts for those you love
to acknowledge our gifts from God

to finish your work before playtime
to be thankful for what you have
to use your gifts to bring joy to others

   Make every day count!


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