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The GRASP Bible Study website equips you for studying God's Word. There are also free online Bible study videos.

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Finding Joy

A new Bible study on the book of Philippians.
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Special price $15.00

The book of Philippians was penned by Paul while in prison. The overwhelming theme of the book is JOY! Paul wrote from his heart not his circumstances as we discover his powerful message that is just as relevant to us today as it was the day it was penned.  The GRASP study method is used to dive deep to help you discover the ultimate treasure of true joy that only comes through a personal relationship with Christ.

Angie's blog received an award-Check it out!


What people are saying about Angie's writing:

"Dori's Gift is a sweet and personal story that 

will touch the heart of anyone 

who cherishes family memories.  Angie Wilson 
is in tune with all that is good and right as we 
look back on those special moments of  our childhoods."


By Don Reid of The Statler Brothers

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