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Gracie and Friends Church Curriculum  

ONLY $20 for each set! 

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Choose any five of the Gracie's Guides for only $20!

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Bible Study

Two-Book Bundle for only $20.00

GRASP God's Word

Inside the pages of GRASP you'll find simple, yet poignant, advice that will help you understand the Bible. 

Genesis Bible Study

 As you dive into the pages of the book, you will learn about men and women of faith who stepped out to fulfill God's plan for their lives. 

Buy the bundle- both books for $25.00

Go to Online Bible Study page for the full 5-Week series.

We are so excited to share with you the Genesis Online Bible Study. 

Join Angie as she goes through the book of Genesis. She will also teach the GRASP Bible study method to help you create a daily routine for your study time.

On the videos, you will learn how to do a book study, character study, word study, verse mapping, and more.  You will learn simple ways to help you understand the Bible and begin to see God more clearly in the pages of His Word.

Angie's blog received an award-Check it out!


What people are saying about Angie's writing:

"Dori's Gift is a sweet and personal story that 

will touch the heart of anyone 

who cherishes family memories.  Angie Wilson 
is in tune with all that is good and right as we 
look back on those special moments of  our childhoods."


By Don Reid of The Statler Brothers

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